Guardian Angel to Nameless: Celeb who quit smoking

My wife rarely kissed me those days for over 5 years hivi.

Wahu and Nameless
Image: Instagram

Different celebrities have opened up on how they quit smoking.

Most started smoking for leisure till it became addictive.

Among celebs who quit smoking include;


David Mathenge alias Nameless has revealed that he was a cigarette smoker.

The father of two through his social media shared throwback photos of him holding a cigarette.

In the caption, he said smoking was one of the bad habits he regrets having ever been involved in.

He added that one of the greatest achievements is being able to manage to stop smoking.

He said he last smoked in 2010 but said he is still taking alcohol although responsibly.

Mike Mondo

Classic 105 presenter Mike Mondo quit smoking in 2020.

He started the journey in June. Speaking to Word Is, Mike said he has been smoking for 10 years.

“I have been smoking since the year 2010 and I am growing older, which means I need to develop a healthier lifestyle,” he said.

“I used to smoke 20 pieces a day, which is a whole packet.”

Mike said the journey has not been easy but he is slowly adjusting. “It’s tough. Down to around five cigarettes a day from a pack a day,” he said.

Mike said it is not true that all radio presenters smoke to develop a deep voice.

“You either have the voice or not. Smoking doesn’t make your voice deeper. If that was the case, women who smoke would sound like me. With a bass.”

His advice to people who are trying to quit smoking is, it’s not an easy journey.

“The temptation to smoke is too much. But try to get something to distract you from the [urge] to smoke,” he said.

Terrence Creative

Online Comedian Terence Creative is celebrating almost 3years since he quit smoking and he has shared a highlight of 6 things that impacted his life negatively due to his smoking addiction.

In his bold confession, Terence pointed out that he used to smoke 2-3 packs of Cigarettes a day, and at the time, his wife rarely kissed him for over 5 years.

“2 YEARS 7 MONTHS WITHOUT SMOKING 🚬 🚬🚬🔥🔥I used to smoke 2 – 3 packs of cigarettes a day, when clubbing I would do shisha as well and weed once in a while,my friends made shisha sound less harmful than cigarettes which was a lie, every smoke is harmful and can kill,” wrote Terence in part.


  1. My wife rarely kissed me those days for over 5years hivi.
  2. People disrespected me and some opted to pay me with smokes instead, they would say “huyo bora umpelekee fegi,atakujenga “
  3. I lost some jobs coz of my addiction.
  4. I was fooled that while smoking I was more creative – uongo
  5. I had bleeding gums and very strong body odour
  6. Breathing difficulties, colored teeth and many other bad things that come with smoking.

I am glad I did quit,you too can quit,sio hard,I had smoked over 20years #smokingAintCool #smokingkills 🚬🚬⚰️ 🚬🚬 #wachaFegi #terencecreative,” wrote Terence Creative.


Opening up on his YouTube channel, Dennis Mugo alias OJ said he is the perfect example of the Swahili proverb of ‘Asiyefunzwa na mamaye hufunzwa an ulimwengu’.

Raised by a strict single mother, OJ says he got the best as a child, went to a boarding school in class four but started going rogue in high school.

“Along the way, I learned alcoholism and smoking. I started smoking in Form 2 and in Form 3, I started taking alcohol. From chang’aa to anything I would get along,” he said.

“The habit has affected me years down the line. I’m turning 35 years but I have been hiding from the mess.”

Guardian Angel

The ‘Nadeka’ hitmaker in a recent interview with Alan C revealed he had tried smoking while as a street kid.

This did not go well as he said he had a ‘slap’ out of nowhere.

According to the Guardian that was God’s way of stopping him from destroying his life as he had greater things in store for him.

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