Harmonize’s homecoming had ‘rituals’ that raised our eyebrows

Three weeks ago, Harmonize had four goats slaughtered in public at Matogoro grounds. There are however some weird things that piqued our curiosity.

They are

1. He flew in a chopper with the crowd chanting ‘Konde boy.’

2. In the video, Harmonize is only rocking tighty whities, yaani small undies/briefs.

3. He is also smeared with blood on his chest.

4. He is being touched by a man ”pastor” on the hands and legs for some minutes as he mumbles or chants something.

5. Although the man is speaking to Harmonize he does not respond and only gesticulates towards another man in the crowd using his lips.

6. Harmonize is told to jump severally and something is smeared on his hands and legs all the while the goats blood is being poured to the ground as life is ebbing from the animal.

7. Blood is constantly smeared on him on the chest, forehead,  hands and legs.

Below are some of the photos.


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