‘He slept with a mzungu,’ Kenyans on how they found out their partners were cheating

Cheating baby mama

Kenyans are peculiar people indeed. There is never a dull moment with them.

We asked some of them how they found out their partners were cheating and the responses were rib cracking.

Below are some of the narrations


He slept with a mzungu but I am enjoying my retirement benefits, pesa natumiwangwa anytime, YOLO.


I found out from the best friend, eventually I ended up sleeping with the ‘best friend’.

*Nelly hilariously shared,

The love between us ilianza kupungua so I also started helping him to cheat. Fixing the nation wadau.

*Tony said finding out hurt but he has moved on.

I found out she was receiving texts from another guy and she had saved him as ‘lucky charm’ . It was very painful.

*Mike shared

She was a s@x addict, so she once invited me to her place only for me to catch her in bed romancing another guy.

Below are more narrations

Nduta: The other lady called me telling me how sorry she was.

Myles Paula: When he gave me his phone to see some photos that’s when a text popped up ati from “baibe” . The number wasn’t mine .. I felt like kujisusulia that’s when I left, my life is now better than his.
wambui_theone: I hacked his phone😑 Simu ya mwanamme ni kitunguu!! I’ve never recovered 😥
Alegzer Weliam: I had misplaced my phone and I borrowed his to call mine, when I was putting my number, another number almost similar as mine was there saved Mum2.
So I had doubts on it and I had to save it in my head. After I finished I returned the phone and I wrote the number somewhere.
Emsush Nov: I just relaxed and pretended to be stupid while looking for a visa, now I’m in Germany making my own money and expecting a child, I even forgot to tell him I’m done.
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