Dr. Mercy Mwangangi is the current Chief Administrative Secretary for the Ministry of health. The CAS appearance on TV to give covid-19 updates was like a breath of fresh air to many Kenyans. A lot of Kenyans were so enamored by her beauty and intelligence that they took to social media to express their feelings.

In 2015, she graduated with a Master of Health Economics and Policy from the University of
Adelide, Australia.

After completing MBA, she was appointed Head of Health Financing and Health Economics at the Ministry of Health. She was one of the people appointed other youth members by the
president. Later, she was promoted to Chief Administrative Secretary for the Ministry of Health. Mercy also works as a joint secretary in the task force on Universal Health coverage, one of the pillars of Jubilee’s​ big four agenda.
The CAS is also a member of the African Women in Leadership Program (AWLP). This is a
program that enables women to conduct discussions on issues affecting women and to share valuable insights to help in the advancement of African Women.

Role in the fight against Covid-19​
The intelligent lady is at the forefront in fighting the pandemic alongside Health CS, Mutahi
Kagwe. She was thrust into the limelight on Wednesday, 25 th March when she appeared on TV giving updates on the covid-19 cases in Kenya. There were 7 new cases raising the number to 179, 5 were found through surveillance and 2 had been quarantined. 5 of the cases were in Nairobi, one in Mombasa and one in Uasin Gishu. The press conference concluded with her saying 5,278 samples had been tested by that time.
During the briefing, she endeared many by her intelligence that showcased as she fluently and eloquently answered questions from journalists. It was as if she was born to it.
Since then, she has appeared severally on TV. In one instance, demonstrating the proper way to put on a mask. This was beneficial to many Kenyans who were inappropriately wearing the mask. Dr. Mwangangi would make a very good CS if given a chance, judging from her previous public appearances.

The Australian Leadership Award – as a result of demonstrating leadership skills and the
potential to influence development in her home country.

Information about her family is still under wraps. The details still remain private.

Net Worth
The exact salary Mercy earns is not public knowledge but her main source of income is from her job at the Ministry.