Here are 5 irresistible traits that will make him fall head over heels for you

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Girl likes boy. Boy kinda likes girl. Girl isn’t really sure.

If that is the situation you are in, here are five easy things you can do to make him fall head over heels for ya!

Look good

By this I mean, dress cute, get your hair and nails done, keep fit and hydrate.

You are the first thing he looks at, why not give him a sight to behold.

Once he likes what he sees, his attention is on you. That is the first step in getting him to fall hard for you.

Don’t be a grinch

I was just being polite by using the word grinch. I meant the other word that rhymes with beach.

Work on yourself such that you don’t have to be a grinch, bringing down people to feel good about yourself.

Humans always gravitate towards warmth. Men are always looking for a lively person to hang out with.

So if you are part of that kamati ya roho chafu, nobody will have time for that because you are unpleasant to be around.

Have a life

What are your goals in life

What excites you beside gossiping about the resident drunk of the neighbourhood?

What brings the sparkle to your eyes when you talk about it?

What moves you?

Don’t be a lifeless drone whose highlight is dundaing and hoping someone pays for your drinks each weekend when you hit that Karaoke Club.

Have a life, sis.

Take time to figure out what that entails.

While we are on this point, please, please fellow ladies, read a book.

Don’t be a bimbo, learn something new every day. Hata kama it is a word like, hokum, so you can use it in a sentence.

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By learning something new each day, you are slowly improving yourself.

This also points to you getting the urge of bombarding him with phone calls, texts, WhatsApp messages, DMs and liking his photo for 2013.

When you do. Stop yourself. Drop that phone and go for a walk. Get a life and enjoy it.

Have compassion and understanding

Here is where you apply your anti-grinch muscles. Yaani, you should be more understanding to issues. Be slow to talk and quick to listen.

Have a healthy self esteem 

There has to be a balance between your ego and your self esteem. Finding that perfect balance will make you very attractive.

Also, please don’t apologise everytime you have an argument with him. Once in a while stand your ground and defend your point of view. This is not to say you should be obnoxious about it.

And there is grace and beauty in accepting you are wrong. Like I said, find a balance and your level of attractiveness sky rockets.

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