Here are shows that made your favorite celebs famous – List

Actress Awinja


No one wakes up famous, sometimes it takes a lot of hard work before you become noticed and that was the case for these Kenyan celebrities.

Although they had been in the scene, they were almost unknown and all they needed is that one break.

Below are the shows that saw them break through.

Kate Actress – Celina

Although she had acted before, Kate became famous when she started acting on the local show ‘Mother-in-law’.

She was the on screen wife of a drunk husband Charlie Mwamba whose mother could not stand Celina.

Kate Actress

Tyler Mbaya – Govi

He became known when he started acting on Machachari, what many people do not know is that he had acted on Makutano Junction before.

Dennis Mugo – OJ

He was the darling of many for his good looks, but what made him famous to date is his acting prowess on Tahidi High.

He was the smooth operator whose charm women would not resist.



Sarah Hassan – Tanya

Many remember her as Tanya because she became famous  for that role when she was acting on Tahidi High.

She still acts but it’s that one show that made her the house hold name she is.

sarah Hassan aka Tanya

 Yasmin Said – Maria

Before the show Maria aired on Citizen, no one knew who Yasmin was.

But now both the young and the old know her name.

It’s that one show directed by Loulou Hassan and her husband Rashid Abdalla that made her famous.

Yasmin Said aka Maria

Nyce Wanjeri – Shiro

We all remeber her for her witty character on ‘Aunty Boss’.

She acted as a clueless girl who has come to the cty to work. Nothing had prepared her for the culture shock.

After she stopped acting Wanjeri had to release an official statement that she would no longer be using the name Shiro.

It’s been years but people still identify her with the same name.

She has acted on a few venacular shows.

Kelvin Mwangi – Shaniqwa

Kelvin was well known as Shaniqwa, a role where he played the character of a socialite.

So good was he at it that most people were not able to differentiate his real sexuality.


Davis Mwambili – Inspekta Mwala

Although he had acted before Mwambili captured many when he started acting as ‘Inspekta Mwala’.

Truth is even of he stops acting people will always identify him by that name.

Inspekta Mwala


Jacy Vike – Awinja

jacky became a household name when she started acting on the local show ‘Papa Shirandula’.

She acts as a naive girl who has come to the city and is clueless about how things run, that is until she realizes one can make a living by having a side hustle.

She is a mother of one and is crazy about fashion.

Papa Shirandula and AwinjaPapa Shirandula and Awinja

Jacquline Nyaminde – Wilbroda

Wilbroda became ‘famous’ for her acting prowess on Papa Shirandula.

She acted as the loving and clueless wife to Charles Bukeko who plays as Papa Shirandula.

So naive was she that never new her husband was a mere gate man and not a manager as he made her believe.

She no longer acts on the show, she is now a radio host.


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