Here is what your favorite ex-Tusker Project Fame participants have been up to

Tusker project fame caught the attention of many when it first aired on our TV’s. Years later there are contestants we can’t seem to forget.

Below are some of the most notable contestants and what they have been up to

  1. Hemedi

Hemedi was loved by many not only for his good looks but for his fluent swahili rhymes. He is a performing Tanzanian artiste.

By the look of it, he looks even more handsome than he did years ago.

Former TPF participant Hemedi

2. Msechu

The chubby and bubbly man is a performing artiste back in his native country Tanzania. He is also married and runs Msechu Entertainment.

Away from music Msechu is also a dad.

Msechu Performing

3. Amileena

She isn’t much in the limelight anymore and girl wherever you are, please know that we miss your music.

She has collaborated with artistes such as Calvo Mistari, Sudi Boy among others.


4.Ruth Matete

Ruth is a voice coach and also a performing artiste. She is a former TPF winner. She is currently expectant with her first child.

5. Alvan Gatitu

He describes himself as a singer, songwriter, radio presenter, actor, filmmaker, motivational speaker and a vocal coach.

6. Nakaaya Sumari

Nakaaya now runs Kaaya’s Curvy which deals in plus size clothing.



Amos and Josh

They were a perfect duo until they went their separate ways.

They are now performing artistes but they went solo and their careers were never the same.

Maybe it true when they say two heads are better than one.

Amos a ex TPF participant
Josh,a former TPF participant

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