Holy moly! Meet Kenyan celebs with the biggest boobs (Photos)

Kenya has some of the most beautiful women across the world. From the acting to media to showbiz industry, we have well-endowed women, who are a true definition of beauty and brains.

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Having that hourglass figure is a dream for every woman and from undergoing surgery to working out, the female species will do anything to look sexy. Most of the times, men are fascinated by women with big bambams and boObs, and in the local showbiz industry, we have quite a number who stand out for having all these features.

Eudoxie Yao

Well from Akinyi Adongo to Vera Sidika, meet the Kenyan women with the se3iest boObs.

1. Akinyi Adongo

The media personality is said to be the one with the biggest set of twins. She has huge boObs and is never afraid of showing them off.

 Akinyi Adongo

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2. Neomi Nganga

The plus-size model is comfortable in her own skin and uses her social media to spread body positivity and encourage women to love themselves.

3. Risper Faith

The ex socialite is known for her mammoth booty and humongous boobs. She is a mother of one.

. Risper faith

4. Phenny Awiti

The HIV/AIDs positive mother of three recently won the ‘woman with the biggest boObs’ contest.

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5. Bridget Achieng

The mother of one is known for her curvaceous hips and big boObs.

Bridget Achieng

6. Vera Sidika

The bootylicious socialite did a bOob job after spending over Sh5 million on skin lightening.

Her round succulent boobs have always left Team Mafisi yearning to have a piece of her.

Vera Sidika

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