How I went blind in one eye – Vanessa Mdee

• ‘I got a problem that made one of my eyes blind’. – Vanessa Mdee

Vannesa Mdee

Vannesa Mdee

Tanzanian singer Vanessa Mdee has for the first time opened up on being blind in one eye.

In an Instagram video, Vanessa said the condition developed some time back.

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“I got a problem that made one of my eyes blind. For some time, I have been using one eye, the other is blind, she said.

“So ni ulemavu lakini it is not something naweza sema ni ulemavu kwa sababu Mungu amenijalia na jicho ambalo linaona, so it’s fine. Maana nimeona juzi kati watu wanajaribu kuleta stories ambazo si za kweli.”

Fans empathised with her as some used to question her eyesight without knowing what was ailing her.

Vanessa has been living in Atlanta with her boyfriend Rotimi and was proposed to in December last year.

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