How the socialite game in Kenya has changed

Image: Instagram

This is the new era of socialites where you don’t have to wait for a weekly issue.

Kim Kardashian outranks them all not because she’s been in the game for long, but because she’s been able to stay at the top and be a billionaire while at it.

In Kenya, things are a tad bit different if you compare our socialites to the world. Take the case of Dorothy Wang.

She was in the reality show Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills. Most were born or adopted into the rich life.

If you use her criteria to judge our own you would purely cringe.

They get to travel at the expense of their trust funds and get famous for just being famous

That is the real definition of a socialite

In Kenya, socialites are born out of having a certain type of body as Meghan The Stallion terms it “body ody”

Huddah Monroe, Vera Sidika, Risper Faith, Corazon Kwamboka are the Biggie’s in the Kenyan socialite game.

You would wait for their pictures in the newspapers but today Instagram has made things easier.

But with the insertion of Instagram, all that changed. X-tian Dela during quarantine brought a whole new bunch of socialites with club covid

Club Covid was a show hosted on Instagram by Xtian and people, women especially requested on his lives to twerk.

Shirleen Anyango, Shakilla, and Essy Apple gained major fame from club covid.

They got following as people got interested in them from their erotic dancing.

Instagram made it easy to have access to these ladies as a potential “suitor” could just slide in their DM’s (direct message).

Shirleen recently relocated to the U.S and the socialite game seems to be paying well for her to resign from her former job.

Shakilla has had her fair share of trying to stay at the top from twerking while on her birthday suit to being in a reality show.

She also claimed to have an account on Only Fans.

Only Fans is a British content subscription service based in London, United Kingdom which is popular with adult entertainment but can be used by all creators.

Here is how Only Fans work, once a user joins only fans. Their users subscribe and they select the amount their fans get to pay-per-view.

Vera and Huddah also made accounts during the quarantine period.

The mode of operation of these socialites has changed. Is it for the good or bad? Well, you be the judge.

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