How to Find a Job During The COVID-19 pandemic


It is a fact that job hunting during this season of business unusual will not be as straightforward, but there are great opportunities out there waiting to be explored.

Today, I want to encourage you to not put your career plans on hold. Instead, adjust your strategy to accommodate the situation around us and be bold to explore what may be in store for you.

Whether you have been laid off or still working, scan the market and you will notice that as some businesses struggle or close, others are steady with some growing.

These two scenarios present employment opportunities depending on your competencies and ability to adapt to new ways of working.

The struggling business may be looking for fresh talent to bring new ideas and steer growth; the growing business could be looking for more people to support its growth.

Employers need to take note that not all employees they may have laid off or furloughed will be keen to return when they are recalled.

Be in the lookout for such opportunities, as they may present the job change you are seeking.

To remain on top of this, consider expanding your networks, check with your friends in other organisations, and spread the word.

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Talk to recruiters, check recruitment portals, social media platforms and newspaper advertisements. You have to do some more footwork than would have been the case before Covid-19.

Remain open-minded as you look for a job. The future of work is changing and many employers who give open-ended contracts on a full-time basis will soon realise there are many benefits to gain through flexible work arrangements, like part-time, long-term contracts.

Imagine how satisfying it would be if you had a job three days a week and two days to pursue other stuff you are passionate about, or explore the gig economy and earn some extra cash.

Do not forget that remote working will partly remain; learn to be comfortable with this arrangement.

Remain patient and do not be discouraged if it takes a while to be noticed; use that time to school yourself in emerging skills to give youyself a head start at the interview.

Most employers take a keen interest in candidates who are self-aware, creative, digitally savvy and good collaborators.

Finally, do not forget to polish up your CV and update your profile on professional sites like LinkedIn.

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