How to identify if the man you are dating is abusive – List

It’s not easy being able to tell if your spouse/partner is abusive.

This depends on the character of a person. While some people are outright abusive, others tend to lie low and only act when provoked.

If you were not sure what to look for, here are pointers that your partner might be abusive.

Abuse can be physical, emotional or mental. Here are signs that your partner is abusive

1- He constantly wants to keep tabs on where you are and what you are doing

Although it might seem as if he loves and cares for you, most cases turn into abuse, where they want to control the other person’s life, who they can or can’t see.

2- He dictates what you will wear

Being an adult means you can make your own decisions.

An abusive partner does not give you that choice, instead he takes full control of decision making for you.

They will tell you that dress is too tight, too short, showing too much flesh even when it’s not.

3- Constantly bringing your esteem down

An emotionally abusive partner will constantly make you feel useless.

They will remind you how lucky you are because they married you.

They will remind you that you are a school dropout, not working and that you can never amount to anything.

4 – Constantly apologizing and doing the same mistake again

An abuser will slap you today, apologize for it by buying you presents, treat you to dinner and make you forget that day.

When you think it was just that day, they will beat you up again and repeat the same trend.

Some spouses even rape their partners and state that since they paid dowry, they can have you whenever they want.

That is abuse.

5- Stalking

Some partners tap your phone, receive your messages and see who calls you.

Some go to the extent of tracking your car to see where you went during the day.

If they ask you and by any chance, you lie that house becomes a battlefield.

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