How to identify you are dating a mama’s boy like Diamond Platnumz – List

We have heard the term mama’s boy before and how hard it is to date them. Question is, how true is the statement, is it just a general assumption?

A mama’s boy is one who will constantly seek his mother’s approval and acceptance even when they are not needed.

Whatever the mother says it is considered as the law.

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A good example is Diamond Platnumz whose love life seems to be under the control of his mum Sandra Dangote.

Below are ways to identify whether the man you are dating is a mama’s boy.

The first person he runs to is his mother

When you are dating a mama’s boy the first person he runs to when there is a problem or when he has interesting news to share is his mum.

This is despite the fact that some of these men are married.

In most instances, his mother’s opinion however small is the law, akikohoa anaitika.

They love living with their mum

People live with their parents for different reasons; it may be the fact that the mother is sick.

The home might have ample space thus saving on rent, but in most cases a mama’s boy does not make an effort to leave his mothers nest.

Some will even be in their 40’s and are still living with their mum, eat at her place, and have her do their laundry.

You can never criticize their mum

People disagree from time to time but one thing you can never do is criticize your mother-in-law to your hubby if he is a mama’s boy, no matter how much she wronged you.

A mama’s boy allows his mum to make personal decisions that directly affect the wife

Such decisions include where her grandkids will go to school, where they will buy land, what type of a house they will build, and sadly when to get another kid.

Living in the same compound with your mother-in-law when your hubby is a mama’s boy almost equates to being behind bars’ you never have any freedom.

Like in Diamond Platnumz’ case, Tanasha Donnna said Mama Dangote is a control freak.

According to Tanasha, at first she tried being the humble daughter-in-law by letting the lady walk all over her!

This was because she never wanted to pull any stunts that would be dubbed disrespectful. But clearly that didn’t work out for her.

Zari talked about this same issue about 2 years ago – however, fans felt that she was being bitter after her break-up with Diamond.

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