How to look sharp on a budget – TPF’s Coach Edu advises

When it comes to looking sharp TPF coach Edu is certainly the right guy to pick lessons from.

The renowned dancer and choreographer has always been keen to look the part regardless of the occasion and he has a reason for being so strict on his looks.

EDu Sakata JudgeEdu shared with his fans on Jalango TV where he gets his clothes from and his advice on looking good on a budget.

On where he gets his clothes from, Edu revealed that it could be anywhere, as long as he likes the clothes he will buy it.

The choreographer pointed out getting clothes from hawkers in the streets or Gikomba market.

Edu said that Gikomba is a great joint to get unique and sassy clothes and would on occasions get up early to pick a few items from the famous market. He favours Gikomba over stores as clothes there are unique.

Edu further advised people to live according to their means. This he points out as not overspending on expensive clothes and shoes in the name of being a celebrity.

However, he encouraged people to spoil themselves by getting themselves nice and expensive gifts once in a while.

Edu further added that looking the part includes taking care of nails for men too instead of going around with untidy nails adding that if need be then there is no big deal of men doing makeup on showbiz.

Edu is a household name when it comes to the entertainment industry having worked as a dance coach on the famous Tusker Project Fame show and being the judge of KTN’s ‘So you think you can dance’ show.

Edu also tops up as a choreographer of Sarakasi dance crew.

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