How to spot a play boy according to team mafisi chairman Shaffie Weru

Shaffie and Obia

The programmes controller of Homeboyz radio, Shaffie Weru is also a certified team mafisi member. He has given women advise on how to identify ‘women eaters’.

This he advised because he is a self proclaimed fisi.

Below are some tips.

  1. Men who take photos smacking their lips

According to Shaffie, the same way a man is busy smacking their lips is the way they will ‘eat’ you up in real life.

There is nothing like kwa ground vitu zitakua different.

2. Men who are on all social media platforms

Being on all social media platforms means you are constantly hunting and want to expand your horizons.

So ladies if your man is this type, just know he is a playboy.

3. Men who are on Telegram

If you do not know what telegram is,here is the 411.

Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging and voice over IP service. It allows for the transfer of videos, photos, chats among other things.’

It is famously is known for its members having a high interest for nudity and matters bedroom.

So girl if your man is on telegram just know mko wengi.

Upitakane off guard ladies, take these tips seriously or else…

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