How to survive after a job loss or salary cut during this pandemic


Kenyans are currently grappling with the loss of jobs, unpaid leave, salary cuts, and layoffs.

How does one survive such difficult times.

Avoid unnecessary buys

If you are going through a layoff or a salary cut, one way to survive through this pandemic is to avoid buying things unnecessarily.

This means either online or at physical shopping centers. Instead, make a list before living the household items and stick to it.

Avoid borrowing loans

The temptation to ask for loans from friends might be very high.

The availability of mobile banking loans may also be a temptation but do not fall for it. Stick with what you have.

Buy goods in bulk

If possible, shop in bulk to save you a few coins.


There are things you may think you need but you don’t, such may include clothes and shoes.

Instead of buying out of fun how about improvising?

Ask for help

After all, has been said and done, if you try all the above and still do not succeed ask for help from friends or relatives.

There is no shame in needing help at some point in our lives.


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