“I Am Healed,” Stephanie Sandows On Her Recovery After Being In And Out of Hospital

“I Am Healed,” Stephanie Sandows On Her Recovery After Being In And Out of Hospital. The year 2020 has been heavy on a lot of people. Apart from the current Covid situation, people have lost their loved ones, have lost jobs, as well as business ventures among many things. Stephanie Sandows is among those who has had her fair share of recently

The Scandal! actress has not been well for about a month now. Stephanie has been in an out of hospital during this Covid-19 pandemic. The great thing is that Stephanie has done her final check up, and is now back at good health. She shared pictures of her stay in hospital with a caption explaining her ordeal.

About 4 weeks (more than 6 visits, DURING A WHOLE PANDEMIC) of back & forth to the ER, being admitted, discharged, only to be rushed back a day later. Today was my final check up and I pleased to report that after an emergency op, I AM HEALED,” she announced to her fans and followers on social media.

Stephanie has decided not to disclose what was wrong with her. However, she praised God for His mercies during her trying time. She regards this as one trial she has managed to overcome.

I won’t disclose reasons because they don’t matter. What matters is that God is so good. So faithful, His mercies are new everyday. Life is fragile, so choose to live. No matter how bad a situation may seem, know this- “there is nothing new under the sun. Everything that is, has already been” And the same God that was, still is and will forever be NO MATTER WHAT. I am a living testimony to this. Trials come but for a season and victory is always around the corner.”

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