I am sorry – Huddah apologizes for shaming fans

Socialite and Huddah Cosmetics CEO Huddah Monroe took to her Instagram stories to issue an implicit apology.

The businesswoman bemoaned oft-times being misconstrued, christening herself ‘the most misunderstood person on African media’

She imparted that she isn’t as resentful and heartless as perpetuated to be.

The socialite also fessed up, saying she takes responsibility for what she posts on her socials.

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Huddah expressed her apology to whomever she might have aggrieved in her posts, adding that she strives to do better and choose her words more carefully.

She also divulged that she’s the most humble and shy person alive, giving an assertive footnote – let’s not dwell on negativity.

This comes after the socialite recently threw subtle jibes at singer Tanasha Donna, and a festering row consequently ensuing, a row Huddah later dismissed.

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