‘I dreamt swimming through the skies’ Last post by cyclist hit by Kenya Mpya bus

Caleb Omwoyo

Weeks after saying he had dreams of himself (Caleb Omwoyo) swimming through the sky, the premonition has come to pass after a road accident.

In a social media post, Omwoyo posted the caption below not knowing later he would be dead and gone.


Omwoyo died on the spot on Wednesday after being hit by a Kenya Moja bus.

Some of his friends now say that his dream has come to pass, below are some of their reactions.

Restoster Migalusia: This is how you saw the vision, Rip.
Monicah Ngige: Your dreams came true ,R.I.P
Peter Atom: Shine on your way Biker..we are like a passing shadow… appearing and disappearing any howly..Death is cruel but it reminds us we are all on a Journey…R.I..P
Luke Maina: Ooh Caleb Omwoyo, why are you not picking up my calls, just a simple “…vipi Chief…”(as you used to call me) is enough.
ulikua unanitafutia a road groupset, umeenda aje kama hata huja nambia¿I just hope I’d wake up from this night mare.
I’ll keep the drop bar you gave me and fix your name in it in your memory. My whole bike has so many bits and pieces of you.
We’ll never forget you brother.
Fare well brother. Ride with the angels where there’s lots of tail winds. Till we meet again! Till me meet again!
Sebi Sebastian:  Roho yangu inauma bro, aliniuzia tube na brake noma sana , waaah SAFARI salama tutaona pia sisi Ni wasafiri, RIP SIJUI NITAPATA WAPI MTU MWINGINE KAA WEWE.
Pritpal Sehmi: It’s a big loss to lose great sportsmen for our country and our fellow men who could make our flag flying high may he R.I.P. and bring the culprit in book.
May he rest in peace and may his family find justice.
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