‘I have 7 children with 7 different women,’ Kenyan man confesses to Maina Kageni

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Radio King Maina Kageni was left in shock after a Kenyan man confessed to siring seven kids with seven different women and is married to none of them.

This was during the morning discussion on Classic 105 which was based on the ‘Craziest lies people have told their partners.’

*Mike added,

”I am a caretaker but when I started dating my current wife I lied to her that the apartment I took care of was ours.

That I was an only child and that my parents lived abroad hence they were practically married. The owner of the houses lived abroad so I would send the cash through an agreed account.

Two years later the owner came back and I had to tell my wife the truth, there is nothing much she could have done as we had already sired two kids.

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I had never even taken her home in the four years we had been together because I lied my parents were not around.

She was disappointed but she stuck by me as tulikua tushapendana and tukazoeana.’ He bragged

Mwalimu Kingangi was of the opinion that in marriage you can not reveal everything as some secrets can break a marriage.

”There are things that you can only learn once inside the ark. Even during job interviews, they ask so many things you can’t say everything truthfully.

They will find out the truth later. Marriage is a discovery channel where you go to learn and discover each other.

Marriage is like a school, You cannot learn the whole syllabus in one day.

This was after a Kenyan man confessed to siring 7 kids with different women.”

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