“I have a V8, Range Rover, Mercedes SLK, Mercedes V-Class and a Discovery,” Jalang’o narrates

Radio host Jalang’o has done well for himself. The man who has been in the industry for the past 2 decades is a success story so much so that he recently promised to pay the fees for Papa Shirandula’s daughter until college!

His generosity is the stuff of legend and he is able to do it because he has been blessed by God with health and wealth.

And just how wealthy is Jalas as some call him? In a recent interview with Buzzroomkenya, the charismatic comedian explained that he had 6 expensive cars and various apartments.

This answer came after he was asked about his net worth, after the interviewer had insinuated his net worth was about 10 million. “10 million is the worth of one of my cars, not my net worth,” interjected Jalang’o.

And what type of cars does the comedian who also doubles up as a content creator and MC own?

“I have a V8, Overfinch (Range Rover), Mercedes SLK, Mercedes V-Class and a Discovery. Kenyans know them.”

But that isn’t the extent of his riches. Jalang’o disclosed that he also had many houses and apartments but didn’t enumerate them.

“It’s not just about counting them, there are numerous apartments, my own house but most of the apartments are operated as BnBs because it’s a booming business,” he added.

This interview comes at a time when Jalas had told on his co-host Kamene Goro. He had revealed that she had first paid 120k for the first apartment she moved to after she left her parents.

These two clearly live on a different lane from most Kenyans!

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