‘I love to give more than I did,’ Sonko pens emotional letter late wife

Dan Sonko

Mombasa based actor Dan Sonko has penned a sweet birthday to his late wife Druscillah, who passed away in 2017 after giving birth to their second-born child.

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In his message, he wrote,

“Today marks Druscillah’s third birthday

It’s your Birthday
The 3rd in absentia?
You tapped out baby!
You never tapped out….
but its a 3-count
that counts right?
It’s 3 and we made it here.
I bid thee farewell

I can’t get you a gift coz you are away
I can make an impact that would reach your soul wherever it is.
You came, You went but you always gave….
You Gave your heart
You Gave your love
You Gave your light
and in the end
You Gave your LIFE

My dear,
In Giving your Life, you still Gave
You Gave LIFE, you gave Darrell.
I have no gift to give but I have a service I dedicate to you
I am getting and I am GIVING absolutely everything!
It is extremely weird but so liberating!

I love to give more than I did
I now give like you did
You Live!
Happy Birthday to you who lives in us!
I Love You
We ALL do.
I surrender all.”

Dan Sonko

Sonko is now in a relationship with actress Miss Bwire, his wife’s best friend.

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