‘I need to rest from this pain…’ Philanthropist Wanja Mwaura battles with Covid19

“Ineed to pull this through for the sake of my children.” – Wanja Mwaura

Wanja Mwaura
Image: Facebook

Wanja Mwaura is appealing for help as she battles covid-19

Wanja is known by many for her philanthropic actions.

In 2017 he warmed the hearts of many after helping her school mate Patrick Hinga (now deceased) after she found him living on the streets.

Wanja says she is now ready to give up.

Through her social media account, Wanja penned:

“HELP ME FIGHT!! Tonight has been the roughest night for me.

I have been unwell because this covid-19 demon has hit me hard. I’m not gonna hide my status in fear of being stigmatized.

It is the way it is. It has been a tough night, breathing is an issue, I’m tired of the heavy breathing and deep breath, fevers skyrocketing, I don’t know which is the best position to sleep on despite trying to sleep on my belly. It is super crazy.

I just don’t know what to do anymore. Thank God my children are safe. They understand that mama has to be away from them and isolated.

I pray for their minds and heart to be strong enough to help me go through this. I thank God for my doctor.”

Dr Karanja of Laveen hospital Thika. This guy is just the bomb, walking with me through this and showing me to treat it as any other normal disease has helped me keep on keeping on.

Wanja Mwaura

But all through the night, last night has been the craziest one. The way fevers are treating me is unkind.

My oxygen levels are ok.

It is not easy for me and am crushing down emotionally, especially now I have to be alone, no one to hug me and tell me it’s gonna be ok, or see friends over for a visit.

It’s just me against this. I know I need to keep a positive attitude in order to beat this thing but I’m human, I can’t help but get emotionally down sometimes.

I need your help family. The kind of help I need from you is to pray for me. I need to pull this through for the sake of my children.

Say a prayer for me dear ones. I know I have enemies who will rejoice when they see this but I really don’t care.

I know I have few genuine friends here who will carry the burden of praying for me. Help me dear ones to fight this thing I love you all.”

Wanja added that she will hold on, Wanja has however pleaded with Kenyans to keep praying for her.

‘I want to give up now. Done my best fighting. No longer strong enough to keep up the fight. Am down to my very last. I need to rest from this pain and discomfort. I am tired.

Thank you dear ones for not giving up on me even when I had given up on myself. This fight is really tough.

I’m still fighting. It’s up and down. Keep praying for me. I’m unable to pick up your calls because I’m running out of breath when I talk. I’m still hanging in there.”

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