‘I still cry once in a while,’ Tina Kaggia opens up on battling depression

Tina Kaggia
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Ex-Classic 105 radio presenter Tina Kagia has opened up on her battle with depression and how it made her become suicidal.

Speaking during an interview with Angel Waruinge alias Miss Morgan, Tina shared:

‘‘I did not know I was depressed until I started getting such comments from people close to me.

 I hated music and I am a music junkie. Music was annoying me. I was also in hoodies and shades. I would also have headphones all the time yet I wasn’t listening to anything.

I would sleep and did not want any human contact.

At that point, you do not care about anything, I did not want anyone talking to me and trying to get into my head and asking if I am okay.

There was a time I was out somewhere having lunch with some friends and I had a really bad meltdown.’’

Tina added that she checked herself into a facility.

‘’I checked myself into a facility and we would talk about what I have been up to and what has been going through in the past few years.

I was on anti-depressants for some time.”

I ended up in ICU for 9 days after a failed suicide attempt,’ Radio host Tina Kaggia shares

On what might have led her to get depressed she said:

‘’People have said a lot of things

We (media personalities) are easy targets, you can’t have a bad day, you have to look happy and that compounded a lot in me getting depressed.

I was also drinking a lot because I did not want to think.”

Tina tried committing suicide by taking a concoction of pills but the attempt failed. It however left her in ICU for 9 days.

Her advice to anyone going through depression?

”There is nothing like perfection, there is something that will always trigger you back to a point where you are trying to get away from.

Don’t feel like you can’t be vulnerable, trying to be perfect might take you back.

Trauma will always try to drag you back, but time will help you get better and learn to deal with it.

I still cry once in while” Shared the mother of three.

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