‘I was broke but had no one to tell’- Muthoni Mukiri

I used to party from Monday to Sunday”.-Muthoni Mukiri

Muthoni Mukiri
Image: Instagram

Muthoni Mukiri has revealed that she was broke but had no one to confide in for fear of being ridiculed.

Through her YouTube channel, the former Inooro TV host shared,

“I was broke but I had no one to tell.

This is because the people I could have told were very judgmental.

I also I did not want them to see me broke.

I used to party from Monday to Sunday. I also did not like my job.”

Muthoni added:

“I treated myself so badly so I never realized when men I was dating were treating me badly, I thought it was normal.

Every time I was broke I would start shaking and having migraines. I had pegged the quality of life on money and material things.”

Muthoni said she started checking the things that were going wrong in her life and decided to change them.

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