Idols SA Contestants Brandon and Zama Spark Dating Rumors

Idols SA Contestants Brandon and Zama Spark Dating Rumors. When people are stuck together in one place for months, feelings might develop. Having noted that, Idols SA 16th season is about to come to an end, but most definitely friendships have been formed.

Could this be the case with Brandon Dhludhlu and Zama Khumalo? From what social media investigators are gathering, the two could be an item. The talented Brandon, was the latest contestant to be voted out, after making it all the way to Top 3. Between the remaining finalists, Zama and Mr Music Brandon made it clear that he is Team Zama. He even urged his followers and fans to vote for Zama.

“SMS 4 To 37400, it’s a Mpumalanga thing,” Brandon urged voters.

Many commented under Brandon’s status saying they have noticed that the two are close. Their fans are happy quite excited of the possibility of a relationship between the two.

Many are also talking about the hug that the two recently shared on stage. Is there something going on or people are reading too much into things?

Idols SA 2020| Is this video the reason why people think Zama and Brandon are dating? - YouTube

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