Ill fitting bras to visible panty lines: Annoying habits of Kenyan women on the streets

Kenyans have a long way to go when it comes to matters fashion. While we have made strides, we still have a long way to go especially in Nairobi.

There are some fashion statements one sees in the streets and feels like whipping the subject involved.

Below are habits that Kenyans especially women should change.

1. Showing the bu*t crack/Muffin top 

This wardrobe malfunction is a no-no. Invest in a belt, a tank top to layer with your short t-shirt and even a perfectly fitting trouser.

Whether your behind is robust or not, flashing bu*t crack is simply an eye sore.

The same goes when you are choosing what top to wear, chose on that fits, to avoid showing off our muffin tops also known as matyre.

2. Wearing leggings with a short dress

Dear ladies there is a difference between stockings and leggings also known as tights.

Many ladies spoil their looks by wearing tights instead of stocking thus ending up looking like a scare crow.

When buying something to go along with your dress insist on stockings.

3. Wearing bikers

Walking in the streets we have seen people wearing bikers that are longer than their dresses, how annoying that is.

Wearing a biker beneath your clothes is not wrong but unwritten rules mandate that it should not be seem under the hem of your dress.

4. Wearing shoes you cannot walk in

It is ridiculous to wear heels if you know you will be walking all day and it beats logic if you cannot walk in them.

The Nairobi streets do not even favor the shoes and you will often spot women duck walking after wearing heels they cannot walk in.

If you need to wear heels invest in a comfortable pair and please always carry an extra pair of flats just in case your feet give way.

It is also very unattractive to see a woman walking barefoot while carrying her heels.

5. Ill-fitting bras

Not once or twice have we come across ladies whose bras are showing behind their backs.

Some ladies also wear bras that are smaller than their chests thus they end up looking like they are out of air.

Some also wearing big bras and have to constantly collect their boobs from the floor whenever they bend.

6. Panty lines

Although to some it may be arousing, there is nothing as annoying as seeing a woman whose inner wears keeps popping out of her skirts or trousers.

Also there are ladies who do not how to chose what pants to wear with what dress.

The best way to avoid pant line is by buying seamless pants. They are comfortable and very convenient.

7 Wearing the wrong dresses for your body type

Choosing a dress that fits your body types goes a long way in boosting your image.

Time and time again we have seen plus size women trying to fit in dresses meant for people of a smaller size.

Some end up looking like a millipede.

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