Important facts Brown Mauzo should keep in mind now that he is dating Vera Sidika

Vera and Brown Mauzo

Vera Sidika has been trending after she confirmed her ‘relationship’ to Mombasa based artiste Brown Mauzo. She even has an engagement ring from her month-old whirlwind romance.

We are happy for them but below are things that Brown Mauzo should keep in mind.

He is just a rebound

Vera broke up with her Tanzanian bae Dr. Jimmy Chansa a few months ago. Relationship guru’s claim that it takes half the time of the total length of the relationship to get over a heartbreak. Sometimes it takes more. However, in Vera’s case Brown maybe a rebound because everyone knows that Brown was recently in a relationship with Amberray. This was before jumping into a relationship with Vera. Are they both rebounding on each other?

Vera might be lonely

As you might know, Vera recently relocated her Spa and beauty parlour business from Nairobi to Mombasa, and that means she needs companionship.

And who else can she get that from if not Brown Mauzo who is considered a celeb in the coastal region?

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It will end in premium tears

I am not saying this because I am jealous. No. Mimi sio kamati ya roho chafu.

We all know how the relationship between her and Otile Brown went. Alimuanika mpaka wakenya wakamhurumia.

But I am so proud of our guy as he has since moved on and has been ‘killing’ us with awesome music. Brown Mauzo should take notes.

Vera ni high maintenance

Dating a socialite comes with its fair share of problems the major one being such women are spenders.

That means that your pockets have to be deep.

Brown Mauzo is just a man trying to make a career for himself, so how does he plan on supporting Miss Shikwekwe?

He is just a trophy boyfriend

The same way some men date women because they are beautiful.

This is the same way Vera is dating Brown Mauzo because of his looks.

She knows that his good looks will come in handy for her Instagram photos and videos.

All in all it looks like gimmicks to market her spa, and Mauzo, his music.

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