‘In Kenya we don’t say “you look good bro”, we say “leo umeamua kuwakunywa”‘, check out the hilarious trend on Twitter

Kenyans are undefeated when it comes to creativity and trolling. They always come first and beat their Nigerian, Ugandan and Tanzanian counterparts during Twitter feuds.

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Well, ‘in Kenya we don’t say’ is currently trending and below are some of the hilarious reactions from Twitter users.

KH Muiru In Kenya we don’t say “Please buy me lunch / a bottle of beer” we say “ Gavanaaa” and I think that’s mildly beautiful.

Maisha Madrugada In Kenya we don’t say “you’re tripping” we say “JIHESHIMU NANI” and I think that’s beautiful.

Kibathi Veronica In Kenya we don’t just open a bottle of alcohol we say ” bless hiyo mzinga” and I think that’s very beautiful.

Master Lee 🇰🇪@LeeWaithaka

In Kenya we dont say” get out of the car” we say https://twitter.com/WirthMaisha/status/1259926800198705154 

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Maisha Madrugada🇰🇪🇪🇹🇩🇪@WirthMaisha

In Kenya we dont say “you’re tripping” we say “JIHESHIMU NANI” and I think that’s beautiful.

Mosby In Kenya we don’t say “You’re looking sharp” we say “Budah! Umeamua uwakunywe uwamalize “ and I think that’s beautiful.

City Biy In Kenya we dont say “You look good bro” we say “Leo umeamua kuwakunywa wote ehhh?” and I think that’s beautiful.

Mkali money In Kenya we don’t ask for our balance in a shop, we say…”so this bread is Ksh.500″

Judie Ngari In Kenya we don’t say “you’re so funny” we say “ah taniua” and I think that’s really beautiful

Natasha In Kenya we don’t say “what’s upsetting you” we say “sasa hutaniongelesha” and I think that’s beautiful.

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Tunechi In Kenya we don’t say “I have the facts” we say “SI NI MIMI NAKUSHO” and I think that’s beautiful

Eve Akinnyi In Kenya when you find someone Kwa restaurant eating no need for the menu just say “Leta Kama hio “

Gustavo In Kenya we don’t say “I had a bit too much to drink last night” we say “Jana NILICHOMA” and I honestly think that’s beautiful

Immoral Technique In Kenya, we don’t say “hi”, we say “otherwise?” and I think that’s appalling.

Dixie Normus In Kenya, we don’t complement your intelligence, we say “hii exam nakaa karibu na wewe, andika vitu kubwa”

Joel Maina In Kenya we don’t tell a boutique seller ” that shoe is expensive, I can’t afford ” we just say ” acha nitoe pesa APA mpesa nikam” and its damn fulfilling

Wanja Kithaka In Kenya we don’t say “thank you for your advice” we say, “Enyewe hapo umeongea kama watu wakumi” and tbh that’s uplifting.

Moniixxa In Kenya when we see a couple we don’t say “Aw how cute, I’m happy for them!” we say “Wata achana tu” & I think that’s problematic.

Styles Liquor In Kenya we don’t say “the floor is clean” we say “unaeza kulia hadi ugali hapa” and I think that’s beautiful.

Lelei Kipkoech In Kenya we don’t say “I’m ill-prepared for these exams” we say, “bora unajua main points, ku-explain sio shida” and I think that’s empowering.

Latasha In Kenya we don’t say “lazy ass kids“, we say “Plezdent Kingston“.

Kaluhi’s In Kenya we don’t say “You look amazing!” we say “Na leo umeoga; kwani unaenda??” and I think that’s beautiful.

Wanja Mworia In Kenya we don’t say “Please pay for my bill” we say “Cheza kama wewe” and I think that’s beautiful.

Gracita In Kenya, we don’t say “you’re being gullible,” we say “heh, mi si mtu mzuri ka wewe” and i think that’s beautiful.

Mathwitii In Kenya, we don’t say “Bye, we’ll talk later”, we say “Wacha nakucall back sahi tu” and I think that’s beautiful.

Kibe E In Kenya we don’t say ”I’m broke ” we say ”kimeumana”.

Kingston In Kenya we don’t say “I’m about to leave“ we say “niko hapa nipee dakika tano”

Chelsea Vancanter In Kenya we don’t say “Wow, that young lady is really doing her thing and securing the bag” we say “Ah huyo ako na Sponyo”.

Brian Kinywa In Kenya we don’t say “The lights went” we say “KPLC imeanua stima tena”

TkP In Kenya we don’t say “he is ugly” We say “usimuone hivi hivi, ako na doooh” and i think that’s beautiful.

Nduta Akimani In Kenya we don’t say “I’m deeply hurt” we say “ata sijaskia vibaya” and think that’s beautiful!

Alice Y In Kenya we don’t say “you look good” we say “Aii shawty kwani ni wewe?/master leo unawakunywa wote” and i think that’s beautiful!

Rafiki Solo In Kenya we don’t say, ‘You are so creative’ we say ‘Hii ni bangi msee’ and I think that’s beautiful.

Rosemary Wangari In Kenya we don’t say “I cannot afford that!” we say “mnafungua kesho?”
and I think that’s beautiful.

Roddie In kenya we don’t say “come lets have sex at my house”.. We say “come visit me Tomorrow…. I’ll be sick”.

Kenneth Kosgey In Kenya we don’t say ”I think my change is less” we say ” Kwani bei ilipanda lini”

Kristeie In Kenya we don’t say “you guys are a cute couple” we say “MTAACHANA TU” and i think it’s hilarious.

Kenyan oxygen In Kenya Men don’t say “I don’t normally take spirits since it’s harsh to my throat I prefer a lighter drink” we say “Leta! Iko Nene! Take a huge gulp of the devil’s tears, grimace in pain with the meanest stinkface and add “Ata si Kali”

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