Inconsistencies in the Jowie-Eleanor relationship that is raising eyebrows – List

Jowie Irungu

The recent revelation by Jowie that he has a wife – Eleanor Musangi – and a daughter has left tongues wagging. Many have questioned if it’s true or it’s just a PR tactic.

Personally, I didn’t believe much of what they said, and here are some of the inconsistencies that left my brows raised.

  1. She refers to herself as Jowie’s wife

Why would Jowie propose to Jacque Maribe when he knew too well that he is ‘married’.

He proposed and let the photos go public, why would he do so if he knew that he was married.

Mark you, his wife, Eleanor, did not say she is the ex-wife meaning they were and are still married, hata kama ni come we stay. Either that or they meet in March after he was released on bail.

2. Eleanor says that in their house their mantra is ‘everything is for God’

We all know that Jowie was and still is a murder suspect in the gruesome murder of Monicah Kimani.

Is this a way to self sanitize?

3. They met via divine intervention

I have heard people say they met through the holy spirit, but in this case, I do not believe it one bit.

Eleanor said that her relationship with Jowie was divined by the one up above adding that at the time he was a single man.

They ‘met’ at a time when Jowie’s was all over the news for his alleged connection in the Monicah Kimani murder.

Realistically speaking, you have a murder case facing you where do you even get the energy to lust after a woman?

This could only mean they met after he was released on bail.


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4. He was a single man

According to Eleanor, at the time she met Jowie he was a single man.

Let’s do the maths. Jowie proposed to Maribe in 2018 after months of dating.

Jowie was then arrested and stayed in remand for 18 months.

He had a ‘sick arm’ and had to constantly seek medical attention so when did he and Eleanor get time to entangle?

Unless siku hizi Kamiti kuna conjugal visits na hatujui and even if they were available it still means Eleanor and Jowie had been in a relationship before he and Jacque met. Or waaaaaaay later after he was released on bail.

Eleanor told Massawe that she did not visit him in prison.

5. She was very reluctant to speak about their daughter

It’s not that we are minding their business so much but what option do we have?

When asked about their daughter with Jowie and when she was conceived, Eleanor said she was not comfortable speaking about it.

She had a platform to tell her truth but did not, why?

Even the bible says ‘Not everyone who calls my name shall enter the kingdom of heaven’.

So call me paranoid or a hater but I don’t believe the Jowie-Eleanor romance bullsh*t one bit.

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