Inno Matijane Mentions The One Celebrity He Misses In The Industry

Inno Matijane Mentions The One Celebrity He Misses In The Industry. As the industry opens and grows, we got to see new talented faces every now and then. Sadly this means at times we do away with older faces, to usher in the fresh talent. Sometimes, though just like Inno Matijane once a personality who has been in the industry for long goes AWOL, we miss them.

The YouTube content creator and reality TV star revealed that he misses Bonang Matheba, who hasn’t been on the scene since the beginning of the year. The reality of the matter is that may people do miss Bonang, as she is one of the most prominent entertainers we have ever had. The media personality explained her absence a few weeks ago saying she is resting and enjoying her life. As much as resting is good, some people Like Inno, want Bonang back, ASAP, because she is the real deal.

I miss Bonang, her reality show, her radio show, her presenting on TV. Everything,” Inno said,

Inno also mentioned the good old days, when there was, Dineo’s Diary, V-Entertainment, Bonang on Metro, Big Brother Mzansi, and so forth. We can only hope Moghel sees this and give the people what they want.

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