Inside Juma Jux’s fashion sense

Tanzanian singer Juma Jux is no newbie to fashion. The seasoned singer has an eclectic assemblage of apparel and bears a knack for style.

It is because of this refined taste prodded him to start a clothing brand. The brand; African Boy, has seen wide economic success and validation from celebrities like fellow musician Diamond Platnumz who commands a huge following donning his clothes.

This has asserted his deserved hold on the fashion industry.

The singer who mostly embodies a hip and urban style stun with his well-placed out


Sometimes, he goes with gaudy colours which compliment well with his artistry.

He manages to also aptly fall back to muted earth colours depending with the occasion and ambience.

Juma, with his malleable style, occasionally pulls of couture suits when showing out for showbiz shindigs complete with jewellery which mush well with his signature haircut.

The eccentric vocalist manages to surprise by pulling of retro 90’s and 2000’s style rocking oversized denim pants, puff jackets and the good old durag which many fail to pull off.

He also doubles up as a costume designer for fellow artists and manages the styling room when shooting his music videos.

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Check out his swag.

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