Internet millionaires! Content creators who significantly blew up in 2020

According to a recent report, Kenya ranks as fourth in terms of Internet consumption in Africa. Especially in the era where there is a global pandemic, a lot of people are busy looking for a source of entertainment and creators have taken note of that and used that to their own advantage.

In a generation where both the young and the old will spend most of their time browsing through the Internet it is only wise for creators to come up with content worth to keep the audience glued. Here is a list of creators who have blossomed significantly in 2020:

Azziad- Without the mention of the TikTok queen this list would be incomplete. 2020 has been a year of blessing for the content creator having risen to stardom thanks to the famous Utawezana challenge. One would tend to think that she joined TikTok and got lucky to become a sought after name in the entertainment industry but wait up. In an interview with Citizen TV news anchor Yvonne Okwara, Azziad reveals that she traces her journey way back in 2017 after clearing her O-level studies. For the content creator who impressed everyone with her dancing skills doubling up as an actress, she started getting clients before fame knocked on her door. Her following in 2020 shot from 36,000 to a massive 830,000 on Instagram with TikTok escalating from 100,000 to 700,000 followers and from 2000 subscribers on YouTube to 80,000. She was bashed this year when she shared her rate card on social media in which some considered her charges quiet high since she’s new in the industry but for the beauty, her charges are thanks to good engagement and consistency on her platform.

Desagu– Desagu has significantly blown in 2020 with his funny skits in which fans absolutely love. For the comedian, since he has been doing content creation for a while now and new creators are coming in, his is to now upgrade and refresh content and possibly match up to reach international clients as part of hid growth. Desagu said on Citizen TV that he is now concentrated on reaching a wider audience.

Njugush– Comedian Njugush started this journey from way back, in fact Kate actress gives credit to Njugush for helping her out on embarking in the journey. After his exit from the comedy show, ‘real househelps of Kawangware’ he got himself in a tough position, having to look for a source of income then the idea of creating funny videos came. Slowly but surely he made his way up by the inclusion of his wife in his comedy skits and right now he is one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. 2020 is looking super great for Njugush as his YouTube channel has increased subscribers to a massive 445,000 so far with segments on his wife dubbed ‘Cele’s reflection’ being included. To top it all up, the comedian also opened a YouTube channel for his son Blessed Tugi which has do far garnered 104,000 subscribers. Njugush certainly has his way around content creations.

Abel Mutua– If 2020 has been kind to someone then it has to be Abel Mutua. The former Tahidi high actor has attracted a large following on YouTube by his impressive storytelling skills which has glued the audience and make them keep coming back for more. The actor says he started doing YouTube videos for fun and never anticipated such a massive interaction. Abel Mutua describes his content as family-friendly that anybody can comfortably watch and enjoy. He also advises aspiring content creators to have a business mind when it comes to content creation. For him, talent takes only 20% while the business aspect taking 80% when it comes to content creation. He further describes his content as one based on longevity thus distancing from controversial short cuts of having the numbers.

Kate actress– Her comic videos are one to binge watch day in and out, for the mother of two she credits her friend comedian Njugush for who inspired her into getting her foot in the scene and guided her on how to go about it. For Kate the actress content creation takes serious work than what it appears. She said during an interview with Yvonne Okwara that her setback when starting was on hiring equipment, producers, directors and how to go about doing makeup. She advises anyone venturing into content creation to take management aspect seriously and to be careful not to get the content client driven as it should be meant for the audience who bring in the numbers. She also stressed on trying to keep content clean as there are potential clients on the look out.

Xtian Dela– The year 2020 has been massive for influencer Xtian Dela. He has received massive support and a fair share of backlash based on his content. Xtian Dela started the famous controversial Club COVID online show, a show that was the much talked about and watched. Speaking during an interview on Bonga na Jalas, the blogger said he has made up to 700,000 shillings on one night and raised up to 5.8 million shillings set to pay young talented people who were rendered jobless after the pandemic. However not everyone was impressed by his content, parents for example jumped on the blogger for displaying controversial content. He then landed in trouble after footballer Victor Wanyama threatened to sue him for his live interview with fast rising socialite Shakilla who allegedly claimed she had slept with him among various celebrities

Jalang’o- 2020 started rough for KISS FM presenter Jalang’o who exited from Milele FM, but fought times don’t last, tough people do, he then came up with an idea of doing interviews of celebrities on YouTube and his channel blew up massively in barely a year he has garnered 227,000 subscribers. He later on included a segment called Jalang’o Xtra in which presenter Violeta Ngina does her interviews

Foi Wambui- The pretty TV and radio host has been creating edutainment videos for a while now. Foi who also doubles as an actress posts edutainment videos on her YouTube channel. This year she has had an interesting run having to without her team because of the COVID19 restrictions. She now does pretty much everything by herself including playing various characters and editing.

Crazy Kennar- Laughter is all we could ask for, nothing better than a light moment in such a tough year and Crazy Kennar has managed to win the attention of Kenyans. Interestingly the funny man started creating funny content back in 2017 when he teamed up with his friends at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. In 2020, he has teamed up with other creators including cartoon comedian who came into the limelight for her unaniaffect humor.

Flaqo- Last but not least is comedian Flaqo. Flaqo has also had an interesting 2020 despite some bit of challenges such as losing his YouTube account but later on got it back. Flaqo is also popular on YouTube and Instagram with his funny skits in which he plays various characters to showcase how it is in a Kenyan society from family to school.

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