Is Vera Sidika Regretting Bleaching Herself? Find Out Here


Decorated Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika seems to have lost the spotlight. Referred to as Africa’s “Kim”, Vera Sidika has been keeping a low profile and this has raised many questions among her fans who are wondering where their once upon a time favorite socialite went to. She also mentored many including Cuppie Ayoyka one of the ladies who attempted to become a socialite but failed.

‘My Booty Is Growing Bigger By The Day, I Believe I’m CURSED!’ Confesses Big Buttock-ed Woman

Could it be that she got a man and has decided to settle down? If yes who is the lucky man? Well, by the help of my pals, we figure out that the heavily endowed socialite might be regretting why she lightened her skin and below is some of the evidence to try and prove our theory.

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