Isono Production Temporarily Suspended Because of Covid-19

Isono Production Temporarily Suspended Because of Covid-19. This pandemic has us postponing events, and doing things a bit differently. Over a month ago, we were all excited at the news that a new telenovela, ISONO, with an impressive cast, is about to hit our screen.

It looks like we might have to wait a little longer. Isono production has been temporarily suspended because of coronavirus. The telenovela came at a time when we are dealing with a lot as a country. South Africa is among the top 5 world’s most hit countries by covid-19. Isono production team has therefore decided to prioritize the health and safety of their cast and crew members.

Isono boasts a talented cast with heavy weights like, Nthati Moshesh, Rami Chuene, Bohang Moeko, and Mpho Sibeko among others. Through these actors we are going to see a dysfunctional family and a heroic son who searches within himself for the strength to stand up against a powerful and evil matriarch who will stop at nothing to serve her own needs.

Due to ongoing uncertainty of COVID-19 in our country, and the fact that we’ve entered a peak phase ,we’ve made a decision to temporarily suspend production on the set of ISONO. Cast and crew’s health and safety remain our 1st priority.

Isono which was supposed to start on the 27th July at 21:30 on BET Africa will now be moved to a new date.

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