It’s 2020!! The only situations when you can hit on a man you like – List

Media personality Lilian Muli has left many talking after admitting that she is the one who chases/hits on men she is dating.

This may come as a surprise considering in the African setting, the man is supposed to approach and hit on a woman.

Here are instances where you should approach a man.

1- If he is shy to express the way he feels

A man might give you the signals that he is interested in you.

But some don’t have the guts to approach you.

In such a case approach such a guy after all what’s the worst he can do? Say no?

It doesn’t hurt to try.

2– If he is a man who has the qualities you are looking for.

Forget the tall dark and handsome theory.

There are times we meet men who are go getters, focused and motivated.

What would you lose by approaching such a person if you feel like they can make a good partner?

Even if they turn you down it’s not the end of the world.

Would you rather see them happy with someone else instead? Try your luck.

Most men would say a woman who approaches a man is cheap but I beg to differ.

Some men are so clueless so you have to do the strategic work for them.

But truth be told most relationships where the woman approaches a man do not succeed.

This is because men love the thrill by chasing after a woman.

Otherwise watakukula na wahepe.

Ladies, would you approach a man you are interested in?

Men, would you date a lady who approaches you?

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