Jalas advises Kamene to reconsider her decision of not wanting kids

• Who would have thought that Vera will get pregnant?

Kamene and Jalas

Kiss FM radio host Jalango has congratulated socialite Vera Sidika and her husband Brown Mauzo after they announced they are pregnant.

The couple who have been dating for almost a year are expecting their first child.

Talking during the Morning Kiss, Jalango has advised his co-host Kamene Goro to reconsider getting married and having kids.

This is because the voluptuous radio host has always said she does not want kids nor to ever get married again.

”I sometimes look at you pole pole nakupima and you are like ‘I am not planning to get kids nor get married.’

I will not be surprised if one day you find a man who despite all this defiance on kids and marriage is concerned will sweep you off your feet.

You come to the office will make you pregnant, who would have thought that Vera will get pregnant? Congratulations to you Vera.”

We pray for you to carry the pregnancy to term. By the look of things, she might be on her 6th or 7th month.

Kamene was married in the past and the nasty experience she went through might have left her traumatized

She told off Jalango saying he might end up waiting forever as she is not changing her mind.

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