Jo-Anne Strauss Pens Her Newborn Daughter A Heartfelt Message

Jo-Anne Strauss Pens Her Newborn Daughter A Heartfelt Message. Despite, the year being a bit unkind, there is still much to be grateful for, as a lot of people welcomed additional members in to their families. One of those is, Jo-Ann Strauss, who a few weeks ago, announced the birth of her fourth child, a precious baby girl.

The former Miss SA and media personality, once again took to Instagram to share a heartfelt letter she wrote for her daughter. On the heartfelt letter, Jo-Ann, explained how her daughter helped put everything into perspective, despite being born during such a difficult time. Although motherhood is not easy, considering that Jo-Ann has other three kids in her care, she credits them for helping her throughout this journey.


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One day I’ll tell you that you were born in a year in which the world felt like it turned upside down, but when you arrived in our family, you helped put everything into perspective. Almost three weeks since she arrived … how time flies and drags at the same time. Last night was a night where sleep and I didn’t manage to coordinate our times. I did the school drop off with unbrushed teeth and hair and it’s all OK. Now into board meetings – thanks goodness for online meetings where I can switch off video.”

“Don’t sweat the small stuff. Focus on the bigger picture. You’ve got this. And super grateful to my older kids for being the most incredible babysitters. When you are 2 and can change a nappy (with lots of supervision), you know you’ve got potential to change the world (at least for mommy for now 😉),” Jo-Ann shared.

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