K Naomi On How Growing Up Without A Father Affected Her Life

K Naomi On How Growing Up Without A Father Affected Her Life. Every child deserves to be raised by both parents. Unfortunately, that is not always the case to some. There are a lot of children out there who grew up under one parent households due to various reasons. K Naomi is among many celebrities who were raised by a single parent.

The TV personality and model, has been quite open about the relationship she has with her absent father. In 2019, K Naomi who lost her mother a few years ago, spoke about taking the initiative to fix things with her father. Although her situation was tough, K Naomi went on to become a successful young black woman.

She took to Twitter to empathized with one child, whose father wants nothing to do with her. K Naomi opened u about her own story about an absent father. Because of this she finds it hard to trust anyone, more especially men.

I was your child when I was young… Not sure how my mom coped but she made it work (s/o to her). I must say it really messes with the child’s mind…it’s made it hard for me to trust, or trust that someone will keep their word especially a male. Sucky but still working on it…

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