Kamene Goro left speechless after Pastor Tindi accused her of joining a cult in 100-page love letter

Kiss FM presenter Kamene Goro is a beauty queen and it comes as no surprise when men are crumbling down at her feet and doing whatever it takes to get her attention.

A mysterious suitor by the name Pastor Tindi was the latest to catch her attention by sending 100 pages of love letters, attached to it were his confidential documents.

Kamene Goro finally decided to go through the letters on Saturday and was left speechless by the revelations.

Pastor Tindi accused the presenter and his colleague comedian Jalang’o of being part of the illuminati cult.

He goes further to accuse Kamene of being in a romantic relationship with Classic FM presenter Maina Kageni and cautioned her on her ways of dressing.

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Last month, there seemed to be love in the air after 100 paged love letters with a resume and academic certificates attached to it were sent to Kiss FM’s Kamene Goro to seek a proposal to get into a relationship with the mystery man.

Jalas and Kamene joked about it on the show as they revealed to their listeners the contents of the letters Jalang’o was able to read only a few paragraphs.

Kamene Goro, revealing to her listeners on Monday of her reading culture, decided to finally go through Pastor Tindi’s love letter only for her to get the shock of her life.

The curvy presenter said that the contents in the letters was far from being a love letter rather a lecture from the pastor on her deeds.

From the letters, Kamene revealed that the suitor complained about her former co-host Andrew Kibe, Maina Kageni and his current fellow presenter on the show Jalang’o.

The pastor accused the duo of being part of the illuminati cult and showcasing symbols aligned to the cult as part of their rituals.

Tindi further added salt to the injury by pointing an accusing finger to the presenter for apparently lusting on Jalang’o who is married to Amina Chao.

Clearly this was a weird way to capture the lady you are interested in attention.

According to the mysterious pastor, Kamene was possessed with 66 demons and warned her on wearing pants and stilettoes since he linked them to the satanic ways of worship.

However, the pastor claimed that marrying the presenter was not his choice but a calling from God.

Well that was definitely too much to handle for Kamene Goro who revealed she could not continue reading the letters and was not even able to make it half way.

Jalas advised her to burn the letters and forget about the whole craziness.

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