Kanze Dena’s husband: Things you didn’t know about Nick Mararo

Statehouse spokesperson Kanze Dena is off the market. She is the latest celebrity to quit the singles’ club.

Kanze Dena
The beautiful State House Spokesperson

She got married to the love of her life Nick Mararo at the weekend.

The two held their lavish wedding ceremony at the Sweet Waters Serena Camp inside the Ol Pejeta Conservancy.

Guests, were not allowed into the ceremony with their phones.

But just who is Nick Mararo? Mpasho.co.ke has the details:

  1. He is from Nyeri county.

2. He is 36 years old, while Kanze Dena is 39 years old.

Nick Mararo

3. He went to Nyeri High school and completed Form Four in 1999.

4. He is a communications expert

Nick is the CEO of Mobilesure Kenya.

MobiSure is a mobile medical insurance firm targeting the poor. It offers medical insurance cover whereby customers buy daily cover through their mobile phones as airtime. It is set to partner with small private hospitals, clinics, and leading hospitals and hospital chains as its agents to offer the service.

5. Owns Prestige Magazine

It is a luxurious lifestyle magazine. It covers a wide range of topics from travel, cultures, to fashion and food.

6. Dating Kanze

A close source to Mararo and Kanze told Mpasho.co.ke that the two have been dating for close to two years.

7. Very private

Nick is very private. No social media print. He kept his relationship with Kanze a secret and even after their wedding, none of them has shared photos from their nuptials. Their engagement was also kept under wraps.

8. Very social

Mararo is very social despite not being active on social media. He hangs out at top city social joints.

9. Music lover

Just like anyone else who loves specific type of music, our source tells us that Nick Mararo is a Mugithii fan.

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