Khaii! Meet the artiste who bears a freakish resemblance to Joe Muchiri (Photos)

As women we all have that one friend we can call and gossip, confide and just chat with. Some Kenyan celebs have found that person and below is the list.

  1. Terry Anne Chebet and Monicah Kiragu

Terry Anne and Citizen TV news director have been friends for long. Having worked together the two go for road trips together and constantly interact even on private events.

Monicah Kiragu and Terry Anne Chebet.

2. Awinja and Wilbroda and Shix Kapienga

Jacky Vike alias Awinja,Wilbroda and Shix are serving us girl squad goals. The pair had even traveled to Greece together.

Their chemistry and tight relationship may be because they have worked together in the past in ‘Papa Shirandula.’

Wilbroda,Shix Kapienga anad Awinja

4. Teacher Wanjiku and Muthoni wa Mukiri

Comedienne Wanjiku and Inooro TV presenter are like conjoined twins. When you see one of them just know that the other is around the corner.

5. Shix Kapienga and Jacque Maribe

The petite radio presenter is a bossom friend to former Citizen TV reporter Jacque Maribe.

They are what we would call rafiki wa chanda na pete. Shix has stood by Maribe through out her arrest drama in 2019.

Jacque Maribe and Shix Kapienga

6. Njeri Makena, Edith Kimani and Mitchelle Ntalami

Former Tahidi high actress and BBC presenter Makena is BFF to Edith Kimani who is also in the media fraternity.

Time and time again they gush over each other on social media,go on vacations together and we can’t help but be envious.

Njeri is also friends with Marini Naturals founder Mitchelle Ntalami.

Mitchelle Ntalami and Njeri Makena

7. Patricia Kihoro and Sharon Mundia

Patricia Kihoro and Sharon Mundia alias This Is Ess are tight like Kenya and China.

Sharon Mundia and Patricia Kihoro

8. Fena Gitu and Edith Kimani

Fena and Edith are marafiki wa udi na uvumba. Edith is a BBC reporter while Fena is a celebrated Kenyan artist.

9. Chiki Kuruka and Edith Kimani

Fitness trainer Chiki and fiancee to Bien Baraza of Sauti Sol is BFF to BBC reporter Edith Kimani. They have known each other for more than 5 years.

Edith Kimani and Chiki Kuruka

Tag your BFF umwambie there are more partners in crime.

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