Khaligraph speaks after being accused of dissing Bahati

Khaligraph, Diana Marua and Bahati.

Rapper Khaligraph Jones has been forced to clarify a few lines in his latest song dubbed Hao featuring Masauti. This was after he was accused of dissing gospel singer Kevin Bahati in the said song.  However, according to the Yes Bana hit maker, he was only addressing the issue of how trolls bully artistes on social media.

“I said Bahati akianza alikuwa mtoto wa mama sahii twitter amegeuziwa ni mtoto wa Diana. First of all, that is not a diss and I’m seeing people who are trying to make it sound or look like Khaligraph Jones is dissing Bahati,” he said.

Khaligraph further added that he was just echoing sentiments from social media users and it should go on record that he never dissed Bahati.

“I’m just echoing the sentiments of these people on twitter so Bahati manze usijali Khaligraph Jones hakuwa anakudiss,” he added.

Khaligraph’s words come a day after he released the new song produced at Blu Ink studios by Motif. In the song, Papa Jones talks about how being a celebrity comes with a lot of unwanted pressure and hatred, and they are forced to do things the way fans want. He goes ahead to give examples of the many innocent celebrities who have fallen victims to trolls.

Khaligraph mentioned Bahati as one of the celebrities that have experienced the bullying from fans firsthand, saying that when he started his music career he went by the name ‘Mtoto wa Mama’ but twitter trolls had turned him into being ‘Mtoto wa Diana’ his wife, who is a few years older than him.

“Kuwa celebrity ni gharama juu wakishakujua ni lawama, Bahati akianza alikuwa mtoto wa mama sahii twitter amegeuziwa yeye ni mtoto wa Diana hakuna huruma siri ni kulenga tu,” says the rapper in the song.

Diana Marua also took to social media to respond to Khaligraph. The mother of two laughed off the diss song showing her fans she was unbothered with whatever people thought about them.

Mmeskia vile Khali Amekill? We’ve stopped Reggae. Wacheni tuendelee kukaa frontline, that’s our winning spot,” Diana shared on social media shortly after listening to the song.

Khaligraph also noted that he had seen many instances of the media having biased reporting when it came to celebs and entertainment personalities. “When it is something bad about a celeb the media is always reporting but when a celeb does something good like Octopizzo feeding people they are silent,” he said.

At such times when cyberbullying is on the rise in Kenya, Khalighraph added that he stands with his fellow celebrities who have been victims of online trolls

“The song is in support of the many artistes under siege at the moment from both media and some fans,” he added.

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