Khaya Dlanga Eats Humble Pie As The Tables Turn On Him

Khaya Dlanga Eats Humble Pie As The Tables Turn On Him. This is what we call the power of social media. Two days, Khaya Dlanga was the man after one tweep apologized to him publicly on Twitter for posting “false allegations” about him.

The YouTuber and author took legal action after being accused of getting paid to post about the Covid-19 vaccine. He used the services of Attorney Alliance, and a number of people got in hot water. Well, the tables have definitely turned and Khaya is the one caught between a rock and a hard place.

One attorney, Zac Moselane did the Lord’s work, which he is being applauded for. He sought to find out about the business and to request the necessary to establish whether or not they are a law firm. It later turned out that Attorney Alliance are not a law firm. Issuing his statement, Khaya says he takes all of this as a learning moment on so many fronts.

On their part, Attorney Alliance has also apologized for any form of misapprehension, confusion and misrepresentation which may have been created by its advertising of its service offering. They have also clarified that they are not a law firm, but rather a consultancy, which offers guidance.

They have retracted letters of demand which were issued to some individuals who commented under Khaya’s tweet.

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