Kiambu man kills girlfriend stay with her corpse for three days

Franklin Munyao arrested over his girlfriend’s murder

Kiambu residents were left in shock after the lifeless body of a woman was discovered in her boyfriend’s house 3 days after her murder.

The 40-year-old woman whose name is yet to be released was allegedly murdered by her 44-year-old waiter boyfriend identified as Franklin Munyao.

The incident occurred in Kambi Moto Village in Ruiru.

The shocking thing is that he had stayed with her corpse for three days and it was only found out after a foul smell started coming from the house.

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Flies could also be seen in the windows hence the neighbors contacted the police.

On breaking down the door, the lifeless body of the woman was found covered in nylon paper and laid on the bed.

It’s assumed the murder occurred on Sunday, April 18.

Munyao still kept going to work early in the morning and coming back in the evening as if nothing amiss had occurred.

Neighbors say the slain woman was last seen on the public clothesline hanging clothes.

The motive of the murder is yet to be established but it was established that she had been strangled to death.

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