Kiki kings and queens! 7 Celebrities who are pros at pulling stunts


Now we understand that being a celebrity is not easy, especially maintaining the fame that brought one to the point of elevation and losing that spark or connection with the fans is frustrating.

For some celebrities they would do whatever it takes to remain relevant or rather push their brands or ventures by cooking up stunts to keep fans talking and eager to learn more about their ventures.

Here are some names that are prone to using stunts to push their brand:

1. Bahati and Diana Marua- These are the latest celebrities to pull stunts on fans and we are still talking about them.

Recently Diana Marua deleted pictures of his hubby musician Bahati as Bahati went ahead to shout out his ex-lover Yvette and call out on haters for causing a strained relationship between him and his wife.

Everyone was out here thinking that something major had happened but turns out it was all one the latest 2020 celebrity stunts to promote their new song ‘Mtaachana tu’.

The stunt was perfectly planned to the extent where Bahati’s manager Weezdom also hyped up the whole scenario by offering words of encouragement to his friend to make it look real.

The sad thing is, no one bought it. The gimmick failed miserably.

Bahati rocking a dress

2. Willy Paul- Pozze likes the attention and he is prone to pulling these stunts.

The common one being him crying out on his Instagram page that Jamaican singer Alaine had blocked him and insinuating that there was a romantic relationship between them.

Well, most fans saw this coming and predicted it to be all for a show and turns out they were right, after that stunt, Willy Paul released their song with Alaine ‘Shado Mado.’

Willy Paul has also used this to promote a song he did with singer Avril ‘ Coco.’

Where he confessed his undying love for the gorgeous songbird.

3. Vera Sidika- Here is another name that likes to pull the attention of her audience.

The voluptuous businesswoman who later on embarked on her music career decided to pull out some of those tricks and it worked like magic.

Hers was unique and got people talking.

Vera Sidika changed her skin color from light skin complexion to her original dark skin leaving fans amused.

She later on revealed that darkening her skin was all set to promote her song ‘Mimi’. Well, that did work on us Vera!!

vera and Brown Mauzo

4. Magix Enga- He probably may make the king of stunts as he is prone to using them to promote his music.

Super producer Magix Enga always gets people talking and he perfectly knows how to.

In 2020, the singer alerted fans on quitting music as he feared for his life.

But the stunt that got us was when months earlier he had claimed to be arrested by unknown men and taken to an unknown location.

Fans fell for it and were worried sick about the artist, poor them it was later on revealed it was part of the shooting of his music video.

The producer also got some moments of international fame after reporting Tekashi’s megahit song Gobba and making it to be pulled down on YouTube on the claims that the instrumentals were originally his.

This is not the first time he has called out on an artist for the same claims, Tanzanian bongo star Harmonize also fell into his hands after reportedly stealing his beats but later on reached an agreement.

5. Ringtone- Ringtone loves to be the talk of the town, in fact in a recent interview carried out by Joyce Omondi, the gospel artist said he is obsessed with fame and that’s pretty clear from his actions.

Ringtone has been one to call out various artists accusing them of being possessed, committing blasphemy or being conmen in the industry particularly Bahati and Willy Paul.

The singer, this year called out on Otile Brown and Juma Jux for their song Regina asking them to apologize for blasphemy.

He went further to suggest that strict actions should be taken against them.

Later on he referred to Bahati and Willy Paul as conmen who used the gospel industry to climb to fame and amass wealth.

Let’s not forget when he became the talk of the town during Uganda’s businesswoman Zari Hassan’s visit in Kenya where he confessed his undying love and need to settle down with her by buying herds of cows and a range rover for the mother of five.


6. Rose Muhando- Gospel singer Rose Muhando has from time to time become the talk of the town.

One time a video of hers trended where she was rolling on the floor as if possessed and people thought it was real.

Then boom as usual it was all part of her project in a song that was later on released.


7. Shakilla- Let us focus on how she first got to fame.

19-year-old socialite Shakilla rose to fame this year after she went on Instagram live and pleasured herself sexually with a remote control.

The big stunt came when she listed a number of celebrities she had apparently gone to bed with, with some being untrue all to gain attention and fame.

The controversial socialite listed rapper Khaligraph Jones and footballer Victor Wanyama as those in her long list of celebrities whom she has slept with but later on issued an apology on false claims.

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