Kitoko! Guardian Angel’s girlfriend praised for youthful looks, slay queens bashed

Guardian Angel

Gospel artiste Guardian Angel’s 50-year-old girlfriend Esther Musila has been turning heads. She is very beautiful and doesn’t look like her age.

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The mother of three is a gym freak and has been working out with Guardian to stay fit. They’ve been sharing photos and videos of them working out. They are a perfect match.

Guardian Angel

The couple has been criticised for their age difference but the 31-year-old gospel superstar has always told them off.


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Check out photos of the couple;
Guardian Angel and Esther Musila Guardian Angel and Esther Musila Guardian Angel and Esther Musila
Guardian and Esther Musila
Maina Kageni, Guardian and Esther Musila
Guardian Angel and Esther Musila
Guardian Angel and Esther Musila
Jalang’o, Guardian and Esther Musila
Kenyans are struck by Musila’s beauty and below are some of the comments about her physical appearance;

maureenmwenesi96 👏👏👏👏huyu ndo dem nilisikia ako 50 years anyway u look great

ngecimike  nko hapa najihurumia coz nakaa 150. She is blessed.

shirley.nestor Huyu mama mmesema ako 50yrs ama 25?

frida_karanja The drip in that mama😘 God bless you

angela_wetutu You guys look amazing 😍

nyar_major Guardian ame go through hell his whole childhood…acheni apate someone who will take care of him.Love wins❤️❤️❤️❤️

soni_mash leta mbinu za kumentain age,you look amazing.perfect match

otienosamantha You have the most beautiful woman ever

Simon Kinyanjui She looks younger and beautiful and nots you 20,30s who look older than her

deb_ramai I can’t stop seeing this video .Ester u are so. Beautiful and everyone deserves love. Acheni wivu

Gitau Njoki But she looks younger than most of the “‘still young”‘ ladies.

muk_ulu She is beautiful and has a gorgeous smile

cyndyhabs You guys are inspiration i love you two may God keep you🙏🏾🤗🤗🤗🤗am praying for the same happiness #lovewins❣

Shaun Merc She’s very hot that smile eeeh guardian ashikilie tu hapo

Sophie Cira Lovely couple ,age just a number ,the woman is even younger than some of people who are in early 20s

Crown Qally Perfect match she looks younger than most younger ladies kama uyo amecomment apo ati “hamna kitu ingine ya kupost ” ata ivo sijataja mtu
Congrats Guardian Angel

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