Kubarikiwa nayo! Top Kenyan celebs who set dreamy family goals

Nameless with his firstborn daughter Tumiso

Family is a very essential pillar of the society and it plays a significant role in moulding people to be whom they are.

It is believed having a family is a sign of responsibility and commitment.

Here are some of the Kenyan celebs who set some really high standards with family goals.

The Wajesus family

The YouTube couple sets serious family goals. Not only as a great online family but also a great real life nuclear family.

The couple has been blessed with a son and they do share beautiful family photos.

Nameless and family

The legendary singer Nameless together with his wife Wahu have been blessed with two beautiful daughters.

They have withstood the test of time by proving that marriage works. Actually, make that celebrities marriage works.

Massawe Japanni

The Radio Jambo mid morning presenter for the popular show Ilikuaje, sets serious family goals.

She is married to veteran journalist and Swahili radio presenter Tom Japanni.

The couple shares photos of their beautiful family to the uuuhs and oooohs of their adoring fans.

The Murayas – DJ Mo and Size 8 have a daughter Ladasha Belle Wambui and son Muraya Jnr and they have nice family photos.

In as much as their relationship has been fodder for gossip blogs, it has stood the test of time. It has been 7 years and counting.

Eric Wainaina – the legend doesn’t share much about his family though we know he has two daughters with his wife, Sheba Hirst.

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