Kufanana Nayo: Celebrities who would pass for twins but they are not – List

Fitness coach Jane Mukami and gospel artiste Wahu

On different occasions we meet people on the streets whom we actually mistake for being siblings due to their striking resemblance.

But what we may not know is that some of them are not even related and may not even know each other.

In this article, we check out some people who might be mistaken for twins even though they are not.

  1. Victor Wanyama and Mac Donald Mariga

These football players and siblings leave many wondering if they are twins, which they are not. At times it gets hard differentiating between who is Mariga and who is Wanyama.

Victor Wanyama, Ruto, Mariga

2. Betty Kyallo and Mercy Kyallo

Former K24 presenter set the internet on fire when photos of her identical sister appeared on the social media platforms with many thinking the two are twins.

They possess the same beautiful smile and a beautiful visage.

Mercy and Betty Kyallo
Mercy and Betty Kyallo

3. Jane Wacu and Janet Wanja

Volleyball players Wacu and Wanja look like identical twins, rocking almost similar hairstyles with both rocking nose rings and both being ball players.

They have on several occasions clarified that they are not twins as people mistake them for.

Janet Wanja and Jane Wacu

4. Jane Mukami and Wahu

Jane Mukami who runs a fitness group 21 Days of change has on many occasions been confused as Wahu’s sister.

This is given the fact that they both rock short hair and have very identical facial features. They could actually pass for twins any day.

Fitness coach Jane Mukami and gospel artiste Wahu

5. Humphrey Khayange and Collins Injera (brothers)

These two rugby champions would pass for twins anywhere were it not for the fact that they have some little difference in their physical appearance, where Humphrey is taller than Collins.

Humphrey Khayange and brother Collins Injera
Humphrey Khayange and brother Collins Injera

6. Jimmy Gathu wife Cathy and daughter Chantel
Cathy and Chantel would easily pass for twins/sisters but they are infact mother and daughter.

Jimmy Gathu
Jimmy Gathu with wife Cathy and daughter Chantel
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