Kufanana nayo?! Photos of Betty Kyallo’s doppelganger


Media personality Betty Kyallo has a look a like.

We have all had someone who asks whether you were so and so, or even calling us some other people’s names.

Some people get really offended when they get mistaken for another person, especially if they had been mistaken for people they really dislike!!

Well, an 22-year-old girl has become an online sensation after her photos emerged showing her impeccable resemblance to K24’s hot news anchor Betty Kyallo.

Were it not for their age difference, one would literally confuse the two as twins. The stunning teenager, who has since been identified as Pra Splendi is a carbon copy, an astounding replica of the gorgeous screen damsel!!!

And amazingly Betty and her siblings resemble each other so much that one doesn’t need any introduction to know they are related, but the resemblance between this teenager and the television lass is way more than wow.

The young girl called popped on social media and Kenyans wonder whether they haven’t been introduced to Betty’s other ‘sister’.

Splendi, who according to her profile on social media was a student at Kyeni Girls’ High School in Embu, looks like Betty from top to bottom but she is not even related to the smoking hot news anchor.

You just have to see her smile, her eyes, and ooh…the poses, for you to believe it!!!

See her in the photo gallery below and judge for yourself;

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